The Chuck Semancik Memorial Foundation honors Chuck Semancik, a legendary coach & teacher at Bremerton and West high schools from 1948 until 1984. Chuck truly cared for his kids, especially those who had to overcome adversity.

The Semancik Foundation, formed in 2000, is following in those well-known 9 Spot-bilts, and targets kids who need that extra boost. The foundation's primary focus is to provide student-athletes a means to continue their education. Our source of donations for scholarships and Kitsap-area projects is from a grass-roots base of the community, alumni, and friends of the Bremerton Schools all sharing to create opportunities for our youth.

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To HELP KIDS who are overcoming life-altering circumstances.

These youngsters must be achieving academically and seeking to further their education after graduation in pursuit of a career goal.There is a great need to aid those kids targeted in our mission statement as is illustrated by the following statement from Bremerton High School Career and College Education Counselor, Chris Swanson:

"There is a huge need to help the students that the Chuck Semancik Memorial Foundation seeks out. In the past, very few agencies have provided scholarships that target these kids. We have many who do not feel like they can compete for merit-based assistance. In many cases this is because the G.P.A. was negatively impacted by significant challenges in their lives. The perception is deflating to very capable students who have overcome barriers but see the high cost of higher education as an overwhelming hurdle."

Once the scholarship recipient enrolls, we maintain a dialog with admissions/registrars to monitor the attendance and academic progress of each recipient.

The foundation is now able to provide substantial scholarships to Bremerton High graduates and is constantly striving for more recipients and higher-valued assistance.
In 2008, a new name was added to the scholarship headline honoring former Bremerton City Councilman, community activist, international Bremerton ambassador, and Bremerton Hero, Albert L. Colvin. Through the memorial donations of the Colvin family and friends, the Semancik Foundation created the Al Colvin Continuing Education Student Scholarship (ACCESS), allowing former Semancik scholarship recipients to receive an additional aid in completing their post-prep education.We are very proud of all our recipients and their personal accomplishments and their desire to give back and improve our community. They are good citizens in the making.

The more you HELP US, the more we HELP KIDS!

Evelin Marcial

Matt Noll

Valerie Ebbay

Tim Pounds - BHS Football

Conner Wales - BHS Basketball and Tennis

Breanna Caises - BHS Tennis

Matt I Olson - BHS Soccer Captain, Olympic League Most Valuable Player, and the leading goal scorer for the entire Kitsap/Olympic Peninsula, has a strong work ethic, always a positive attitude, and a true concern for his fellow classmates. He has put himself through school by working in our community, and plans on continuing his volunteer work. "This scholarship means a lot to me. It will relieve me of the worry of the costs in attending college." Olson will be attending Saint Martin's University in Lacey. He is the son of Teresita Olson.

Terrick D McGhee - BHS Knight Football Captain and a strong competitor with the BHS Knight Basketball Team, was instrumental in creating a new club, AVID, at Bremerton focused on peer-tutoring to help struggling students. He has made a great impact on Bremerton with his leadership qualities and classroom contributions. "With this scholarship, I now know I have been appreciated for the person I have become while at BHS. I am very thankful to be given this opportunity." McGhee plans on attending Highline Community College. He is the son of Toffie Martin.

Carolyn N Supit - Captain of the BHS Varsity Cheer Squad, ASB Vice President, BHS Gold Club member, and has served as a LINK CREW peer mentor. Her spirit is contagious. "It's up to me to pay for all my bills including my insurance and college application fees. Learning how to manage my money has made me appreciate how much a college scholarship means." Supit plans on attending Washington State University and will pursue a degree in Broadcast Communications. She is the daughter of Nvrui Strafford and the late Adrian Supit.

Sarah Strutcker

Cody King

Daniel Rahm

(From L to R) Daniel Rahm, Sarah Strutcker, Cody King

Chris Martindale

Jacki Hill

Jennifer Smalley


2024 Semancik Crab Feed
March 2, 2024 Doors open at 5PM, Dinner at 6PM
Kitsap Fair Grounds, President's Hall