Maria Agagon was awarded the first 2008 Al Colvin Continuing Education Student Scholarship. She received the award in August and will use it to continue her schooling.

Patrick Lewis

Charlene Siact

Brandon Hansen

Noah Greenwald, Cassandra Metz, Daniel Sawyers

Tara Richardson, Kayleigh King, Buddy Bennett

Jeff Frankeberger

Maria Aragon

Robyn Gross

Mark Williams

Wally Grobler

Eric Smith

Joe Bollinger

Benji Elhers

Idrese Manning

Kyle Heistand

Benny Archuleta

"The Semancik scholarship holds a strong traditional background, and I believe, one of the most decorated scholarships offered to a Bremerton High School senior." 2005 Bremerton High graduate, Tara Richardson

"First and foremost, I would like to say that receiving the Chuck Semancik Scholarship has meant a great deal to me. The rising cost of tuition and books has been a determining factor in my decision to attend college locally." 2007 Bremerton High graduate, Patrick Lewis

"Being awarded the Chuck Semancik scholarship was a great honor to me. I remember on the awards night my senior year, I was totally shocked to hear my name as a recipient. I had never before been recognized for my dedication and commitment. I knew that I was no MVP, and I had assumed that all of the recipients of the scholarship would have been. It was at that moment, when my name was called, that I began to realize that it is not always how well you perform. What matters is how much you put into it. I feel that that is a valuable lesson that came to me at the right time in life. Imagine if I had entered college thinking that everything was all about the perfection." 2005 Bremerton High graduate, Kayleigh King

"Thank you all so much for the honor I received. I am attending college where I will be playing football and baseball. I will make every effort to play "Semancik" football!" 2002 Bremerton High graduate, Joe Bollinger

"It's such an honor to receive an award under such a prestigious name. I'm very proud to say that I am a 'Chuck Semancik Scholarship winner." 2004 Bremerton High graduate, Jeff Frankeberger

"It is a great honor to me to have been selected for this scholarship and I hope that I can go on to represent the Chuck Memorial in an honorable way." 2004 Bremerton High graduate, Robyn Gross

"The Semancik Foundation has inspired me to not think so much of the cost of education, but the value of enhancing my career as a professional as well as the importance in giving back to my community." 2004 Bremerton High graduate, Maria Aragon

"I have devoted long hours towards my education and wrestling. I feel if Chuck were alive today as one of my wrestling coaches, he would be very proud of my success." 2005 Bremerton High graduate, Buddy Lee Bennett

"Being awarded the Chuck Semancik Scholarship by nomination from my coach last year meant so much to me, because it showed me that someone saw the potential for me to be something greater." 2007 Bremerton High graduate, Charlene Sicat


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